Senior Care, Home Health Care, Boston

At Abbott, we focus our efforts on providing the highest quality of care and in developing and maintaining direct communications between the doctor, caregivers, patient, and families; keeping the focus on providing the care and services that will maximize the ability to improve the health of the patient, with dignity and respect. This can be for a temporary condition, such as post-surgical care, or a chronic condition such as heart failure, diabetes or Parkinson’s disease.

We care for all aspects of the person - physical, mental and spiritual. We are known for providing quality, compassionate care that respects the beliefs of patients and families. In addition to providing expert patient care, Abbott Home Health Care staff focus on teaching and supporting patients as well as caregivers, family and friends, recognizing their importance in the healing process.

When an individual needs assistance to maintain his/her independence and remain at home, Abbott Home Health Care is ready to help

Senior Care, Home Health Care

Skilled Nursing Care, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Social Worker, Home Health Aides

Senior Care, Home Health Care

We work together with the family, physicians, social workers, hospitals, nurses, and patients to create individualized programs to encourage patient improvement and successful treatment outcomes.


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