Senior Care, Home Health Care, Boston

Our Mission

  • We are committed to improving the health of people through the excellence of patient care and education of both the patient and the family.
  • We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality of safe and cost effective home health services, helping our patients and their families to maximize patient autonomy. We strive to create a supportive team environment for patients by working together with families and community resources to ensure positive patient outcomes.
  • We are committed to creating an environment that promotes best care practices through continuous monitoring, quality assessment, accountability and improvement. We provide opportunities for employee education and growth, and educational programs for the patient, family, and community.

Our Ethics and Values

  • We focus on each individual patient's or client’s complete healthcare needs; including their safety, environment, and social support system. We work together to provide comprehensive, quality, patient and family centered care in the patient's and client's place of residence.
  • We are committed to assist the patient and client in maximizing his/her wellbeing, including their participation in healthcare choices and decisions. We respect each individual's rights and needs for self-determination. The services that are provided are consistent for all patients and are not dependent on the patient’s ability to pay.
  • It is our mission to support and protect of the rights of patients in all aspects of care, treatment and services provided. Whenever possible, patients, families, and/or legal guardians are included in decisions about the patients’ care, including any possible ethical issues.

Our History and Vision

Abbott Home Health Care, Inc., a private home health care provider, started with a vision of an agency focused on what is most important, putting the care and health of our patients as our core value. We believe in creating an agency that is focused on professionalism, providing the highest quality of care possible and helping to educate patients, and their families.

Senior care, whether skilled or supportive, will be an ever increasing need as the population ages. We will focus our efforts on developing a service that is focused on our most important customer, the patient, and the dedication and training of the caregivers and staff to provide a supportive, positive experience for everyone involved in arranging for, supporting, and helping patients and families to care for their loved ones. We will work with the families, doctors and care planners to become a partner in the care of a loved one in need. We will communicate with the family and the primary care doctor in a consistent and meaningful way to deliver the best care possible. We know how hard it is to have a stranger in your home; we will work hard to assist families in minimizing patient's stress and anxieties.

Our goal is to become a full service, home health care provider, meeting the highest standards, with a dedicated and valued staff that is focused on care, service, quality and continuous improvement. As we build our agency, we will work to become a trusted partner for patients, families, doctors, planners of home care, and of the communities in which we serve.

In a full partnership with our dedicated staff, we will be the home care provider of choice in the years to come.